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Our Kitchens are Good for YOUR Economy

With a vote for Brexit and now a snap General Election, the country’s economy has become an endless roller-coaster. Are we expecting a lot to change – or not? We don’t know.

What we do know is, here at Collins Bespoke, we are still going to be designing and making beautiful kitchens, throughout it all. And, we also know that what we do is good for the economy – especially, your economy.

Good for the Local Economy

The Brexit vote has seen an increase in support for campaigns such as 'Make it British,' 'Made in Britain' – and, our own local one, 'Keep it in Kent.' Buying within the country and, even more significantly, within your local area, is so important, right now. And, of course, we try to do this where we can.

Not only do we use predominantly local suppliers but our whole team is locally sourced, too. We are home-grown. We are from Kent, our team is from Kent (well, Sue is from Essex! And Andrezj from Poland!) But, we live in Kent, raise our families in Kent. Shop in Kent and so on … 

When we are commissioned a kitchen, it is very much a true Kentish kitchen, which keeps many Kentish crafts-people, and businesses, employed too.

Buying a kitchen from us helps the Kent economy, and therefore the British economy.

But, also good for your economy

Most of all, a kitchen designed and made by us is good for your economy.

1.       Our design process makes the most of your kitchen space – there is no standard cabinet size, to us, and we can make every space useful and efficient.

2.       We design, make and build all our kitchens in our workshop, in Bethersden, which means we have no unnecessary travel overheads.

3.       And, our showroom is here too – which means we rein in our rental overheads.

4.       We have no lower order limit, like many kitchen companies. Our prices do not start at a set five-figure sum.

5.       Instead, our prices are based on how much you’d like us to make – you might want a small kitchen refurbished or a huge space elaborately filled; you might like simple cabinetry or incredibly opulent detailed joinery. (See more about our pricing, here.)

6.       We source locally – whether it is woodturning or saw-sharpening, subcontractors, suppliers – even our milk! We try to keep as much as we can locally. Even our wood often comes from a timber supplier in Marden!

7.       We keep an eye on budgets – for an English graduate, I really like numbers and number analysis, strangely. But, these mean savings and we pass these savings over to you.

8.       No shareholders to appease. Only our staff – who can be more demanding than shareholders, of course!

If you would like to see what we can do for you, give us a call! We always have biscuits and coffee beans on offer.

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