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Wine Cooler Me Down!

I absolutely love the warm weather. It reminds me of Mediterranean escapes and the ‘big’ summer holidays: loved as a child – and, loved even more in my student days.

This weekend, I absolutely loved my wine cooler! Which, is not just for wine, I might add … It played a fabulous part in keeping me chilled. Kind of.

We seem to be fitting quite a few of these into our kitchens; and, we, and our clients, are really impressed with CDA’s options – for price and quality.

And, because they remind us of Center Parcs! Of course.

Their range is quite vast – integrated or free-standing (we integrate them all, anyway.) Single columns, dual zones – for different wines, full-height … however, you like to keep your vino. They also look pretty good, too. I like, particularly, the one that can handle more wine!

Sadly, mine was full of sparkling water – two small children (one being a toddler boy,) are enough of an excuse for a daytime tipple – the bath routine may go better, perhaps – but they’re like predators if my sanity slips, slightly.

So, chilled fizzy water, from my wine cooler, in a wine glass was quenching enough – in fact, it was lovely!  

I started on the fizzy alcoholic stuff at 8pm, when I could enjoy it.

Thank you, CDA.

More about CDA's wine coolers can be found here:

And, let me know if you'd like to buy one - we are CDA suppliers.

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