At Collins Bespoke, we provide beautiful and diverse kitchens of many sizes and budgets. Our team is made from skilled cabinet-makers and joiners so we are at home making fine dressers as much as we are making grand kitchens. Every piece of furniture we make is designed and made with the same attention and care.

So, how do we do it?

We price every cabinetry project per linear metre. For example, if you have a kitchen that is 4 metres by 3 metres and you will want lower cabinets along a 4 metre wall, that would be 4 metres' worth of cabinetry. If want the wall to have 4 metres' worth of lower and upper cabinets or tall wall units, that would be 8 metres. And, for every metre, 1 drawer is allocated - but, you can have this drawer anywhere in the kitchen ... a collection - all 4 (or 8!) in the island, perhaps!  

Our kitchens vary in prices too.


Flat-panel kitchens from £660.00 per metre of cabinetry.

Very popular and modern are flat-panel kitchens, finished in matt or gloss colours, or natural wood finishes.


Plain Shaker-style kitchens from £720.00 per metre of cabinetry.

Our most popular and traditional kitchen is the Plain Shaker, which can be dressed up with contemporary features for a modern style or with more traditional accessories for a classical style. Finishes can be painted or natural.


Beaded Shaker-style kitchens from £780.00 per metre of cabinetry.

A more detailed version of the Plain Shaker-style, with beaded frames, showing elegance and fine detail.



- Internal larder spice racking from £90.00

- Internal cutlery dividers from £90.00 (one is always included in a kitchen order.)

- Internal knife blocks from £72.00

- Additional dove-tailed drawer boxes £120.00 (a number of drawers are included within a kitchen order.)


Of course, being bespoke, these are just the basics. We can curve units, carve details into drawer fronts, create detailed and intricate cornices - anything you require! But, ultimately, what we want to make sure everyone knows, is that we make beautiful kitchens for everyone's budget.

Get in touch and we will let you know some figures.