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Keeping it organised!

So, that’s it for another year. The festivities have drawn to a close and we have now welcomed in 2019.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas?

I had a fabulous time celebrating with my nearest and dearest - consuming way too much food, as per.

Now it’s January, I’m interested to know, who’s got a classic – oh so cliché – case of: new year, new me?

Whether that’s being more organised, keeping healthy, or something more personal to you – January is the month that usually kick-starts a new way of thinking. We’re not sure we can help with everything, but when it comes to organising – especially in the kitchen – I think our team knows a thing, or two!

Here’s a few ideas & tips for creating your ideal bespoke, clutter-free kitchen.


1. Deep Drawer Storage

A real must-have for those of us who prefer to hide things away. Out of sight – out of mind. Sound familiar? However, effortlessly concealed deep drawer storage is definitely the right way to do it.

It’s that super-easy kind of organisation, that is totally satisfying, but with minimum effort.

And, because they are easily accessible, many of our customers choose deep drawer storage to hide away pots, pans, baking trays and dishes.

image1 (2).jpeg

2. Bespoke Cutlery Divider

Hands up if you have ‘issues’ with the cutlery drawer at home?

I think many of us suffer from being overly particular when it comes to cutlery organisation.  

It’s important – and, we understand.

Everything has it’s place, right?  But, there just never seems to be enough room and the drawer becomes more of a social gathering for random objects, than that perfectly organised layout that enables us to sleep soundly at night.

Our bespoke cutlery dividers are created with you in mind, designed to ensure space for all and the ultimate way to organise your drawers.

Also, have you ever thought about changing your standard and easily muddled spice rack, to a neat and sleek bespoke drawer rack? If you haven’t, then we definitely recommend it. We’ve really enjoyed creating more and more of these lately – our customers certainly know how to make life easier for themselves.

Top Tip

It’s best to keep everything you need to cook in drawers near the hob. Plus, placing your most frequently used items at the top is going to reduce any frantic cooking spillages, whilst searching for what you need.


3. Bespoke Plate Rack

I think this has got to be a favourite design feature of mine – organised, practical and very, very pretty. Who would have thought it would now be stylish to display crockery? But, it is all the rage and interior fanatics are all over the open-shelving trend. Freeing up your cupboard space and injecting splashes of personality – plate dividers create that ‘organised home vibe’ you are totally aiming for.

Deepings Cottage-58 (1).jpg

 4. Magic Corner

A magic corner is probably one of the most essential tools to have in your mission for kitchen organisation. A magic corner makes access to a corner unit simple whilst maximising the space. They have the ability to bring the contents of the cupboard to you – without having to stretch or go in blind. Ideal for storing larger kitchen items – a magic corner is simply – brilliant. And, leaves your worktops clutter-free. Just imagine organising all that Tupperware - bliss!

Top Tip

Whilst tempting - try to overfill your magic corner – keep it neat & practical.

 4. Chopping Board Storage

Chopping on an oak chopping block is the best kind of chopping! But, having them perfectly and – oh so cleverly – integrated within bespoke cabinetry – certainly makes them more organised, accessible and adds a really beautiful touch to your painted kitchen.

Orchard Cottage-120 (1).jpg

6. Larder

What’s great about larders, is that they can be designed exactly to your requirements! And, perhaps used as the perfect spot for hiding away a microwave or coffee machine? With shelves and drawers aplenty – larders are the ideal way to organise your kitchen.

You can even maximise space by having bespoke door racks and stocking them with yummy treats!

Top Tip

Store dried foods in clear containers/jars  - it’s simple, cost-effective and really rather stylish! For maximum organisation – get creative but drawing up some labels too!


7. Pull-Out Waste System

Recycling is important and it doesn’t have to be difficult.  A pull-out waste system, integrated into your cabinetry, is an effortlessly easy way to hide rubbish, and keeps it all in the same (and very tidy) place too! There’s just something about recycling that’s good for the soul – helping in your mission to become a king or queen of kitchen organisation.

image1 (1).jpeg

 That’s the real beauty of having a bespoke kitchen – a properly bespoke kitchen – you can choose the elements and features that are going to make your life easier, organised and of course – that little bit more beautiful.

The kitchen may be the busiest room in the house – but it certainly doesn’t need to be the most chaotic. Your kitchen should be an enjoyable living-space, which is why our team at Collins Bespoke design your kitchen around your lifestyle – to help you!


Happy New Year everyone!

Crisi x

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