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Christmas Kitchen

The kitchen – a place where food is prepared and cooked, families gather and dancing to cheesy classics is a must (after a few glasses!)

So, why is it that this very important space, where memories are made, can often be neglected when it comes to Christmas decorating? Is it fair that year after year, our living-rooms are suddenly adorned with trees, tinsel, fireplace frills and ornaments, yet the kitchens misses out on an annual seasonal makeover?

Here at Collins Bespoke, we think the kitchen is the most-deserving of places to be beautifully decorated and at the centre of that warm Christmassy feeling at home. The kitchen should set the tone for the rest of the home, it is – after all – where the main event – dinner – magically appears from.

We’ve listed 5 of our favourite ‘Christmas Kitchen’ ideas, to create a fabulous family-festive atmosphere this year.


1. Bring the outdoors in

2018 has seen a love for indoor plants grow – massively. From Cacti and Succulents, to Aloe Vera and Cheese Plants – there’s no home interior enthusiast currently without a sizable, stylish selection. Christmas is the perfect time to change things up a little - and, introducing festive beauties such as: holly, ivy, mistletoe, sprigs and of course, a traditional Poinsettia, - is a wonderful way to remain super stylish whilst bringing a touch of Christmas to the kitchen.

Home-made wreaths - to be hung indoors - are another beautiful way of bringing the outdoors in, this year. Whether your style is vintage, modern or traditional - home-made wreaths are bespoke – a lot like us – and can be personalised to match your interiors. We love wreaths. They are natural and earthy. Plus, creating them is a fun activity to enjoy with the little ones.


2. Christmas smells

Christmas is the time of year when all of our senses go into over-drive. We are completely overloaded by twinkling lights, festive flavours and nostalgic tunes. There’s just so much to take in. But, the scents of Christmas – for me – are on a whole different level of amazing!

The kitchen is an ideal spot to get creative with Yuletide aromas.  Cinnamon, mulled wine and gingerbread create the perfect Christmassy ambience, and - if you don’t feel like creating on the hob - there’s plenty of different ways to bring these smells into your home.

Scented candles are a lovely way to soften a kitchen, bringing both light and scent, whilst sending out calm and cosy vibes. Plug-ins are also a brilliant way to change the feel of a room – there’s just something about walking into the kitchen and smelling ‘Christmas Spices’ rather than last nights leftovers. Similarly – seasonal wax melts have the same soothing effect.

There’s a well-known disinfectant brand currently storming the supermarket shelves with festive fragrances, too. I’ve stocked up for this year – and next.

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3. Decorations

At Collins Bespoke – if you weren’t already aware - we just love extended-kitchen living. So, it’s no wonder that we love the idea of having just as many decorations in the kitchen – as there are in the rest of the home.

Why not introduce a few ornaments to window sills and worktops? Red - has and always will be – a beautiful Christmas colour. But, with tastes and styles changing, remember to work with what you’ve got. If you’ve an elegant Shaker like our lovely Dalmally kitchen below, it will really lend itself to more subtle touches of silver and white.  

Or, you could add a traditional focal point but popping a garland on your mantle (complimenting your wreaths and evergreens!)

Have you considered edible decorations, too? We tried this in our showroom – filling jars with sweets and chocolates – but alas, they were gobbled up pretty quickly by our hungry elves from the workshop. Home-made gingerbread houses, decorated with colourful sweet treats and taking pride of place upon a dresser, really can add a sprinkle of Christmas magic to the kitchen too!


4. Music

Everyone has their favourite Christmas song. Mine is ‘Stop the Cavalry’ (I’ve just put it on) by Jona Lewie. I love nothing better than bopping around my kitchen to the  - ‘dub a dub a dumbs’ on Christmas Day. If you can’t perform silly dances – very seriously – at Christmas, when can you? Make the kitchen your stage. Play music from here. And, turn it up louder when cooking!


5. Cocktail Spot

For my family - Christmas means - cocktails. And, even if your kitchen isn’t home to it’s very own bespoke drinks cabinet, it’s still possible to create a festive designated cocktail-making area. Find the perfect spot on a worktop, island or butchers table and wow your guests by popping some LED string lights into your favourite empty bottles - a mix of styles and sizes looks best - to give a dramatic but homely look. Add a chopping board, fruit, a pot of pretty paper straws, funky stirrers, plus your drinks and you’re ready to go! Why not dangle some lights from the cabinetry over the area too, just to make it that little bit more glam?

Hillcrest Road-11.jpg

From all of us here at Collins Bespoke, we hope you & your families have a really fantastic Christmas. Sending out the biggest thank you to all of our wonderful clients this year. We are so looking forward to 2019 and the exciting projects it will bring.

Merry Christmas!

Love, Crisi and all the team! x

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