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The Beauty of Bespoke ... a cliche, I know!

A few months ago, I was asked to write something about Collins Bespoke for the magazine, 'Inside Kent.' And, what I wrote seems quite apt for one of our first blogs on our new website. It was about what makes Collins Bespoke.

April 2016 'Inside Kent.'

April 2016 'Inside Kent.'

Well, firstly: why ‘bespoke?’

bespoke: adj. be|spoke1 [bɪˈspəʊk]: made to order, adapted to suit requirements.

It is such a twenty-first century buzz-word, I know. But, ‘bespoke’ describes our approach to kitchens, fittingly.

You see, we spend a lot of time planning our kitchens and designing them, to suit our clients. It may take 50 shades of grey (sorry!) to find your ultimate paint colour. Or, it may be a curved island unit that you cannot do without. Our designers have extensive cabinet-making knowledge and can style your kitchen to be unique to you.

That is bespoke.

But the beauty of 'bespoke' does not end in a personalised design.

Our cabinet-makers themselves, well, they have been traditionally trained in the art of cabinet-making – yes, it is an art! – and they apply methodical meticulousness to every cabinet they build. Every cabinet is hand-built and we only make one kitchen at a time, allowing the focus on that style to be more fluid. Our kitchens are, therefore, never made to be the same.

That is also 'bespoke.'

So, from the designing to the making; and, from the craft we nurture to the relationships we develop with our clients, Collins Bespoke's kitchens are true examples of bespoke.

Our showroom is working and I make a pretty good bespoke cup of tea. Ha! Come and see us for yourselves.

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