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Getting to know you ...

We had a comment from a client, yesterday. We made their kitchen a few years ago – and, they tell us it is still beautifully admired by their friends. We are looking at making them some dressing-room furniture, now.

Their comment was a lovely hear because, not only was it so kind, but it reminded me how much we talked while we were making their kitchen.

The design process can sometimes take a while! Understandably.

Having a bespoke kitchen designed and made for your home brings with it a huge number of decisions. Fortunately, Nick has to offer those decisions, daily, so is well-equipped to advise. But, these decisions and the designing and re-designing mean a lot of interaction. And, we get to know each other well. But this is good: and, what a good kitchen-designing company should do, isn't it?

Very often, it is hard to let go.

And we don’t. Our Christmas Card list is forever increasing! And, we will have such a party with them when our showroom is finally signed off.


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