Supporting the Community - a Scarecrow Safari, Bethersden Village

Being based in a village, with quite strong friendly and familial ties to a village too, we like to do what we can support our local community.

This weekend we supported Bethersden Village Hall Committee in their task to raise funds for the maintenance of the village hall. We donated a raffle prize - and, hope the winner enjoys the lovely beech chopping blocks! - and, we encouraged the Collins children to take part in a Scarecrow Safari. Well, one of them - and, she is only 4, so it was more of an effort for Mrs Collins ... But, hey ho!

Despite the rain, many scarecrows were on display - some brilliant character interpretations such as Dougal, Sponge Bob, Frankenstein's Monster, a witch; and, many braved the down-pours to judge.

We didn't win best scarecrow prize - though, I maintain mine was the best! But, Willow loved the whole process and has since ensured their permanent place outside the family home.

Let's hope that we were able to help the community too. And, that the Bethersden Village Hall is able to continue offering its services to the local community, the Christmas Panto, the London to Paris bike riders, the many, many clubs that station themselves there; and, the brilliant Community Warden, of course.

Gemma CollinsComment