50 Shades of Pavilion Gray*

*I am so so sorry - it had to be done! All in the name of SEO and facetiousness, really!

This week, two very beautiful projects were completed: a stunning and inspiring bespoke dressing-room and bathroom in Esher; and, a beautiful, elegant, painted kitchen in Wingham, Canterbury. Of course, this is nothing new - we are lucky to make and finish lovely projects every week. However, in writing my supposedly last email to the projects' clients, I realised how poignant and finite these moments are.

Making a bespoke kitchen or designing a bespoke dressing-room is an incredibly intimate affair. And, the word 'affair' is apt. For a few months, we are involved in idealising, dreaming, making plans, and then realising, together, with our clients, an all-consuming, intense and passionate project. It is a swirl of emotions until the climactic result - a beautiful bespoke kitchen or a dazzling dressing-room. 

We live these moments with each and every project. 

So, when that final email is sent, it seems so ... final?

Having spent months learning about our clients and their tastes, their likes, their dislikes, their quirkinesses, their humours - about them - we develop an obviously important relationship. And, it is important because it makes the difference between Elephant's Breath or Mouse's Back; the use of a Quooker tap or a Billi Tap; an en vogue vintage catch handle or a cup pull; the Pointing of the island or the height of the worktop - or any other very, very important decision needed to be made in designing and making a bespoke kitchen or dressing room or bathroom. When all is done, it is the end, it is quite Mizzle-rable - and it is hard to let go.

I suppose that is why we like to keep in touch with so many of our clients; why many of our clients share us with their friends. And, why so many of our clients stay on our Christmas card list or meet us for tea - or, become our friends!

Those clients know that Nick will absolutely hate this analogy. And, that I will love that he hates it!

Designing someone's bespoke cabinetry is profound and we are quite proud to make it so personal. That's the true definition of 'bespoke,' isn't it?

Of course, if you want the Collins Bespoke experience too, our beautiful, hand-made, bespoke kitchens start at £700+VAT per metre of cabinetry.

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