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PINTEREST: Malaz House Kitchen

Malaz House-25.jpg

Our Malaz House kitchen is quite the statement living-space, so it’s no surprise that it has been a hit on Pinterest the past month.

Flooded by natural light , which enhances the luxurious colour palette and stunning finishing touches, this fabulous extension to the home really has the wow-factor!

Malaz House-71.jpg

The Beaded-Shaker style curved cabinetry is traditional but adds a hint of glamour, as do the Armac Martin chrome handles that match the pretty chair detail beautifully. The stylish antique glass mirror splashback is also an opulent addition to the room.

Malaz House-51.jpg

Top-of-the-range appliances have been fully integrated to emphasize the uncluttered, sleek and impressive feel of the kitchen. The fridge, freezer and wine cooler have been skilfully housed  together by cleverly-crafted cabinetry with the house name hand-carved above.

Malaz House-6.jpg

The Calacatta Gold Classic Quartz worktops are not only wonderfully grand but they are practical, hard-wearing and easy to clean too - perfect for a family living-space! With its spice racks, drawer storage, shelf space aplenty and providing a breakfast station hideaway, our Malaz House kitchen is also home to a lovely larder, with fabulous oak internals.

Malaz House-43.jpg

Joining the kitchen extension to the rest of this lovely home and connecting the outdoors to the inside, is the boot room. As guests make their way through to the rest of this wonderful home, the handcrafted and thoroughly bespoke cabinetry is a glimpse of what’s to come. Providing practical but pretty storage, and offering a place to sit down whilst taking off or putting on shoes, this space is the perfect way to be welcomed home.

Malaz House-85-Edit.jpg

We asked the owners of Malaz House - our fantastic customers - a few questions!

Here’s what they had to say…

 Q: How did you hear about Collins Bespoke?

A: Collins Bespoke were a recommendation.

Q: For how long had you been looking into other companies?

A: Around 18 months   

Q: What made you choose Collins Bespoke?


1 . When we contacted Collins Bespoke for a brochure we received a prompt and friendly reply from Crisi. They are a local family-run business which is what we try to use if we are carrying out any work. 

     2.  When we wanted to visit the showroom it was not an issue for a Saturday appointment with Nick.

     3. On our visit to the showroom Nick, Tom & Crisi were very friendly. Nick listened to what our requirements were very attentively and took on board from the off what look we were trying to achieve. He showed us   some ideas from the kitchen displayed in the showroom and gave us lots of info, brochures and colour charts to go away with to have another think before moving on to the next stage. At no point did we feel pressured at all to use Collins Bespoke.

    4.  Once we had thought about things for a week or so we contacted Collins Bespoke again for a site visit etc.  Nick came and looked, again coming up with lots of ideas etc.   Still no pressure from anyone to purchase.

    5.  During the process of the design there was never a case of offering us the most expensive appliances - there was always choices. 

    6.  When we got the plans for the kitchen but wanted to change a few things Tom talked us through them, changed them quickly and then sent over new ones. 

    7.  The whole process was easy, friendly and with out pressure.  

Q: What were your main goals/objectives/purposes in having a new bespoke kitchen?

A: We wanted a family-kitchen that we could also entertain in, and that had enough cupboards to provide a place for everything seamlessly.

Q: What is your favourite feature(s) in your kitchen?

A: There are so many favourite things in the kitchen, I could not pick one in particular!

Q: In your opinion, what makes a hand-crafted, bespoke kitchen, more desirable?

A: If you go with the right company then the kitchen is designed around you.  The kitchen is made to fit perfectly in your home and the attention to detail is second to none.

Wow! We are proud of all of our kitchens - but this one really is quite special!