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A Shaker Kitchen

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Why choose a Shaker kitchen?

Based upon the Shaker movement, where the desire was simplicity, versatility and practicality, the Shaker kitchen, with it’s clean lines and modesty, is a beautiful, uncomplicated and very adaptable kitchen style.

The Shaker kitchen is classically proportioned with simple square door frames and inset flat panels.

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Shaker kitchens work equally well in both traditional and contemporary homes and offer the perfect balance between simplicity and functionality. For the more modern home, curved pieces mixed with clean lines and colour, lend themselves to a sleek and stylish space - or mix in some classic wooden aspects to embrace a more rustic, country-feel vibe.

And, a Beaded Shaker?

The Beaded Shaker develops the Shaker character, with a little bit more refinery.

The subtle beading makes the cabinetry detail more intricate and breaks slightly from the Shaker’s modesty. A Beaded Shaker kitchen is a classic style. Based upon the simplicity of the Plain Shaker, the Beaded Shaker has a fine beaded detail around the Shaker styles and rails. The Beaded Shaker suggests tradition and luxury. The additional mouldings make for a more intricate craftsmanship.

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With 2019’s trends going for brave, bold and more adventurous finishes, the Shaker and Beaded Shaker are the perfect platform to explore creativity with colours and contrasts.

The Shaker design is timeless and effortlessly charming.

The sturdiness and quality of the craftsmanship that goes into a Shaker kitchen results in excellent longevity - taking pride of place within the home.

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Beautifully Bespoke

Our clients choose us because they want a kitchen that is specifically made for them - that is not factory replicated or limited to boxes and standard sizes. From initial plan to finished piece, a Collins Bespoke kitchen is a beautiful feature to every home.

From painted finish and shade, to handle choice and placement; from cabinetry styles - to where best to integrate the ovens or coffee machines, our designers are meticulous about presenting to you all of these options. Likewise, we work with spaces and are inspired by them. Unique rooms, focal points, unusual spaces - our kitchens are far from standardised.

Bespoke by name. Thoroughly bespoke by nature.

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