Welcome to the first of our new things!

Collins Bespoke Limited is having a bit of a makeover. We've had a mad 2014 - from busy, busy busyness to the addition of a new and very early and unexpected member of the Collins family in June.

However, we are back in busyness! (There is nothing like a new baby to encourage work!)

Our new website is the first of our new things. Taking on board much useful client feedback, we have tried to include more in our gallery, giving prospective clients a good idea of the kitchens, cabinetry and joinery we make. We are trying to keep the site uncluttered and clean and sharp - reflecting our kitchens! And, it is now smartphone and tablet friendly - Google Analytics told us most of our clients use these to look at our site. Of course, we welcome any feedback!

Our next new thing is our showroom. It was due to be opened in the summer of 2014 but we have postponed it to early 2015. Unit 4, Old Surrenden Manor, Bethersden, will showcase some of our lovely kitchens - and, we cannot wait.

Watch this space.

Gemma CollinsComment