Bespoke Kitchens by Collins Bespoke

The kitchen is, arguably, the most important room in the home. It is where the passion for cooking and entertaining meets coffee mornings, Sunday mornings and last-minute-homework mornings. The kitchen must embody these purposes and a good kitchen design does this, whilst suiting your own individual needs - and, of course, looking beautiful. 

Collins Bespoke has been designing and making stunning and exclusive kitchens for over 20 years. Every single kitchen we have made - and will make - is designed with its client - you - in mind. Made by hand with skill and flair; and, finished with our reputation - for quality and style - in mind. From initial plan to finished piece, our kitchens are thoroughly bespoke and beautiful, beautiful features to every home.


Striking. Luxurious. Pockets of ostentatiousness and opulence.

Beautiful beads, soft white and oak - charming.

Our beautiful beaded Shaker-style Hawkhurst kitchen epitomises prettiness in bespoke kitchens. Traditional beading, oak accessories and a painted soft white finish make this country kitchen space a charming open family room.

It is no wonder this kitchen has been a world-wide Insta-hit.


Striking white against the depths of solid Walnut

Our Great Chart kitchen is a captivating kitchen. Contrasting bright and contemporary white with deep, dark, natural walnut, everything about this kitchen is showful. A coned breakfast bar makes for an experimental, post-modern design, which is complemented by worktops in the newest range of Silestone Nebula.


A Masterpiece in Family-Room Modernism

Our contemporary Pluckley kitchen is pristine and perfect; and, is a master-piece in family-room modernism. Bright and white, clear and clean - a canvas. Contrasting pure white with Farrow & Ball's Railings cabinets makes this kitchen enduring and, eye-catching.

It is incredibly well-'liked' too!

A Wonderful Shaker-style Kitchen.

We really love this kitchen. The space, the design, the colour palette - and, Toffee, the beautiful little pup!

Our Lenham kitchen is a perfect example of a Shaker-style. With a painted finish in two-tones - a centre-piece Stiff Key Blue Butcher's table - and, oak accessories, it shows how tradition can mix with modern style and living. 

A Kitchen of contrasts ...

Our Staplehurst Beaded-Shaker was designed and made for a really beautiful barn conversion - and the oak beams running through the room and around the windows create an amazing visual contrast to the Railings painted cabinetry. 

This is a fabulous example of how bespoke our kitchens are - we design and make to suit and fit - and complement - the space.

Fluent curves epitomise elegance.

Our curvaceous Effingham kitchen is a breath-taking and enchanting example of a Plain Shaker style kitchen. Dressed with many curves and an exclusive Jupiter-like stone, this Shaker kitchen is softer but oh so much grander.

An Industrial Shaker

Our West Peckham kitchen is a wonderful example of the fashionable industrial design movement. It exemplifies subtle elegance mixed with practicality: a proper Shaker entertaining platform.

Finished in Farrow & Ball's Mizzle for its painted island cabinets, and classic English oak for its curved sink run, our West Peckham kitchen perfectly embodies many English kitchen traditions.

And, then!

It is topped with a modern chef's-choice zinc worktop, making this kitchen a room ready to endure all for which it is designed.

Our Wingham beaded Shaker-style kitchen is both elegant and graceful.

Reflecting its environment, within the far-reaching blue-grey-green countryside of east Kent and hand-painted in Farrow & Ball's Mizzle, depth is created with the Oceanic Blue granite worktops, which contrast with the classic oak features.

This kitchen is a typically elegant and traditional beaded Shaker - and the subtle detail extends further than the beading.


A beautiful, contemporary Shaker-style kitchen

With sharp lines and symmetry, our Esher kitchen is more Architectural by design. Contrasts of traditional oak with Collins Bespoke's very own Greywillow painted finish, soften the sharp lines, which are only accentuated by the Silestone Bianco worktops.

This lovely painted and oak kitchen is a timeless visual.


A footnote, from Gemma Carter Collins:

I am hugely grateful to all our clients whose kitchens we have featured. Every single image, on our website and in our brochures, is a real-life, working kitchen, bathroom or dressing-room. So, they are not just beautiful for a photograph. They are functionally spectacular. Thank you.'