Shaker-style Kitchens

Based on the Shaker movement and their focus on simplicity, Shaker-style kitchens were born. With clear, straight, sharp lines, and panel face frames, their beauty is in their simplicity.

Collins Bespoke's Shaker kitchens can be made and tailored to the exact style you require. The panels, which make the inner face-frame; the styles (vertical) and rails (horizontal,) which make the bordering sections of the face-frames; and, the frames - the outside - can be made to any size and replicated or varied throughout your kitchen.

And, being such a clean style, the Shaker kitchen style lends itself well to experimenting with colour and material. Mixing oak or walnut, and painted finishes, creates a layered kitchen, which is diverse and captivating.

Collins Bespoke's kitchens are mostly Shaker kitchens, with modern or traditional features. Click here to browse our gallery for examples.

Below are our feature Shaker-style kitchens:

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