The Process - Design, Create, Finish.

A new kitchen is an exciting and creative venture; and, we make it very personal - not just because we are making a custom-made and bespoke kitchen. Should you wish Collins Bespoke to design and create your kitchen, we will keep you involved throughout.

Step one: we arrange for our designer to meet you in the space where your kitchen will be fitted. He will discuss your ideas and make notes about your suggestions and invite you to our workshop/showroom to look at materials, examples and - most importantly - how well we make kitchens!

Step two: we will outline an initial estimated budget, based on your requirements, and a basic plan. This is primarily for showing you what we can achieve with your budget. If you are happy with our suggestion, we ask for a 10% deposit based on the estimated cost - and ...

Step three: we begin designing! We provide real-life and useful renders and plans throughout the design process, helping you to visualise your eventual kitchen. Based on discussions with you throughout, our aim is to design exactly what you envisage. And more. It is at this stage that we can include and supply appliances, wire-ware and hard-ware, internal gadgets and gismos, etc.

Step four: as soon as the final design has been agreed, we ask for a further 35% of the final estimated cost. This secures the materials and workshop time - we like to work on one kitchen at a time so it can be given our fullest attention; and, the workshop feels its style from the first templates through to the painting room.

Step five: your kitchen is being made. You are more than welcome to visit us and watch.

Step six: once your kitchen is finished, it is checked by our designer before it is allowed to leave. Following this, our installation team is ready.

Step seven: your kitchen is installed, surveyed and finished.

Step eight: you need to open a bottle of red wine, courtesy of Collins Bespoke, and sit back, admire and enjoy.