Handmade Kitchens

We like to work on one bespoke kitchen at a time - this means we can concentrate on its quality and its own style. Likewise, every kitchen we make is handmade. With a workshop of skilled craftsmen, we can focus on the quality of our kitchens with a more thorough and personal approach than many other kitchen makers and designers can. Our designers can oversee your kitchen from the moment its cutting sheet is handed to our workshop manager. And, our clients are always welcome to come and watch the process, if they wish.

Because our kitchens are handmade, we can check each unit ourselves. They can be handled and checked - by hand. Our kitchens only ever leave our workshop once Nick Collins has stamped the Collins Bespoke badge onto the units, which confirms he is happy with them. If you ask our apprentices, they'll tell you this is not an easy accomplishment, sometimes.