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Hi all - and, hello August. AUGUST. I cannot believe I am typing that.

I’ve been here, at the wonderful Collins Bespoke, for 10 months now. It’s gone so quickly and I’ve enjoyed every moment. We’ve undertaken lots of beautiful projects and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many lovely, lovely people. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the rest of 2019 has in store.

This year hasn’t just been about kitchens. We know beautiful cabinetry is deserving of a place both in the kitchen and beyond. Our repertoire of bespoke furniture design extends throughout the home. From statement drinks cabinets, to luxurious dressing rooms; and, from pretty boot rooms to custom-designed free-standing furniture, Collins Bespoke's designers and cabinet-makers provide your home with such personalised touches.

Here are a few of my favourites - old & new!

We’ve some really stunning bedroom interiors to show off soon too - keep an eye out.

Norton House Dresser


It’s no longer just a kitchen, it’s a living-space. Yes, it’s where we cook, eat, entertain - but, it’s also where we often work, and where we definitely do homework. Dressers become part of the kitchen and can create a seamless flow to the dining room. Beautiful, extending-style - and, making a place for more than just pots and pans. Our dressers are custom-made to suit your lifestyle - plus, they are just so timelessly stylish, right?

I love the Norton House dresser. It’s oak internals match the table top and the shelves display pretty accessories, glasses and (most importantly) cocktail-making essentials. Plus, the cupboards are perfect for hiding all child-related bits & bobs! Our customers have impeccable taste, don’t you think?

Lenham Butchers Block

Deepings Cottage-52.jpg

Butchers blocks are hugely practical and provide the perfect food preparation area. Complimenting the space and adding a contrasting focal point, they are a pretty way to finish a kitchen.

I absolutely love the colour of the butchers block in our Lenham Kitchen. It’s ‘Juniper Ash’ by Little Green and it really does give this beautiful living-space a fun pop of personality.

Esher Dressing Room


Let's face it ladies (& gentlemen) - a bespoke dressing room is absolute house goals, correct? Clever storage and a place for everything - what a dream! Our Esher Dressing Room is classically beautiful, with floor to ceiling cabinetry and drawers galore.

Malaz House Boot Room

Malaz House-89-Edit.jpg

Boot rooms beautifully connect the outdoors to the inside; and the handcrafted and thoroughly bespoke cabinetry is a glimpse of what’s to come in the rest of a home. Providing practical but pretty storage, and offering a place to sit down whilst taking off or putting on shoes, a boot room is the perfect way to be welcomed home. Naturally, our boot rooms are thoroughly bespoke and cleverly designed to the requirements of our customers - helping with every day living, of course.

Visiting Malaz House has definitely been a highlight during my time at Collins Bespoke so far. Yes, I fell in love with the kitchen - but, this gorgeous boot room gave me some serious house-envy too. The neutral colour palette and subtle beading is the epitome of stylish. I spent quite a while in here and I wasn’t even taking off or putting on my shoes!

Head on over to our ‘interiors’ page if you’d like to enquire about our custom-made freestanding furniture.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Crisi :)