For over 20 years, Nick Collins has been designing and making bespoke cabinetry. Within those years, he and his team have established Collins Bespoke, where craftsmanship has been nurtured, refined and shared. The Collins Bespoke team is made from an array of skilled craftsmen. From designing, planning and templating, to finishing and assembling, every single kitchen is carefully made and put together by our team.


Our Team 

A Fabulous One

Headed by Nick Collins, Director and Designer, and supported by Gemma Carter Collins, some skilled designers, supportive staff and workshop extraordinaires, the Collins Bespoke team is pretty great - we are proud of them all.


Join us?

Business is always booming; and, we welcome always interest from potential team members. If you are a cabinet-maker, joiner, CAD technician, kitchen designer, kitchen installer or you are looking for an apprenticeship, and you would like to work with us, please send your CV and a covering letter to gemma@collinsbespoke.com.


Our Ethos


Community and Charity

Being a small, independent, family-run business, we feel very strongly about being supportive. So, we try to help local causes, where we can. We are proud to have supported local community charities and events, raising money for our local schools and village amenities.

New and local charity, Tiny Toes, is our championing charity for 2018. Nick and Gemma raised money for the local hospital's Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit in 2017, by competing in the Alpe d'Huez triathlon/duathlon. They still owe them ...

It is also really important to us to offer apprenticeships, for many, many reasons. The trade of cabinet-making and joining is a skilled and wonderful one; and, a needed one. Therefore, we promote it. We are proud to offer a local school-leaver, sometimes two, an apprenticeship every year.

Buying locally is also important to us. Where we can, we use local trades; and, we actively support our clients in finding good local installers. Where we cannot use a local trade, we do our most to use our closest - and, UK-based - suppliers. We kind of have to, now, don't we?! 



At Collins Bespoke, we make beautiful furniture, using a beautiful, natural material. Therefore, it is without question that we have huge respect for our world and its natural resources. All of our timber materials come from FSC and PETA accredited suppliers. For exterior joinery, we only use Accoya - it has ethical, environmental and effectual benefits! 

With regard to waste, we take a lot of care. It is minimal because we use remaining materials to make complementary chopping boards or cutlery dividers for our clients' kitchens. Or, to sell - they make lovely gifts. We do try to be economical with our materials and have even been known to challenge our team to make furniture efficiently. With our new workshop, we were able to install an industrial wood-burner, which means, come winter, our team can work in their shorts, still. Fuelled by the waste we cannot reuse. 

Our office is becoming paper-free - it is a passion of Gemma's. Ask Sue! We are even currently researching stationery and literature made from recycled coffee cups.

And, we do not really do plastic!